My Stats

Age: early 30’s
Ethnic: Caucasion
Eyes: Blue/ Green
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 5’6 WT: 175lbs
Dress: Medium/ Size 10
Breast: 34DDD
Shoe: 9
Tattoos: A few

10 Random Things About Me

1. I’m allergic to kiwi.
2. I hate flying but love to travel.
3. Im super near sighted but fearful of lasik so I stick to contacts.
4. I find hair on men so sexy .. the hairier the yummier
5. I’ve been to more funerals than weddings and baby showers combined.
6. Hence- I believe in ghost and this is not up for debate.
7. I find history and psychology fascinating.
8. I have an awful memory and forget names, faces, numbers, etc., but can easily remember sensory details such as smell and air temperature. But I lost my smell since contracting Covid October 2020 and yet to recover.
9. I have professional massage training and very much enjoy all aspects of nurturing ones needs.
10. Astrology.. I may ask your sign. I have my favorites.

My Likes & Interests

Entertainment: crime and paranormal tv and movies, self help (psychology) and spiritually books,YouTube, any music but country, Impractical Jokers (Joe & Sal are my favorite)

Places: Anywhere with food and liquor (bonus points for champagne, seafood and views), views, anything outdoors, casinos and strip clubs over nightclubs and bars, Spain, any coastal city,

Comforts: jacuzzis, massages, steam rooms, gardens, cooking

Biggest turn ons: humility, intelligence, body hair, hygiene, warm hands and touch

Favorite Upscale brands: Moët (dry), Ace of Spades, YSL, Balenciaga, Chanel

Gift ideas: alcohol, anything to cook with, non-fiction/ psychology books, perfume of your liking, scented candles, designer investments

Things I can go without: broccoli, celebrity culture, rolling Rs, Spirit airlines, traffic, technology, bike lanes, smoking (420 exception), convertibles, motor cycles and anything airborne, shoes and underwear, sleep and not sleeping….country music.