My Stats

Age: 29
Ethnic: Caucasion
Eyes: Blue/ Green
Hair: Light Brown
Height: 5’6 WT: 155lb
Measurements: 34-24-42
Dress: Medium/ Size 8
Breast: 34DDD
Shoe: 9
Tattoos: A few

13 Things Random Things About Me

1. I’m allergic to kiwi.
2. I hate flying but love to travel.
3. Im super near sighted but fearful of lasik so I stick to contacts.
4. I have no sleeping schedule.
5. I’ve been to more funerals than weddings and baby showers combined.
6. Hence- I believe in ghost and this is not up for debate.
7. I find history and psychology fascinating.
8. I have an awful memory and forget names, faces, numbers, etc., but can easily remember sensory details such as smell and air temperature.
9. I judge people’s intelligence and personalities by the way they drive. I drive with a hasty lead foot. I also am judged.
10. Astrology.. I may ask your sign. I have my favorites.
11. I find hair on men so sexy .. the hairier the better
12. I have professional massage training and very much enjoy all aspects of nurturing ones needs.
13. When I retire, I plan to live a nomadic lifestyle overseas. I also want to be a foster parent somewhere in between.

My Likes & Interests

Entertainment: crime and paranormal tv and movies, self help (psychology) and spiritually books,YouTube, any music but country, Impractical Jokers (Joe & Sal are my favorite)

Places: Anywhere with food and liquor (bonus points for champagne, seafood and views), views, anything outdoors, casinos and strip clubs over nightclubs and bars, Spain, any coastal city, (Scotland and Istanbul are on my radar after COVID)

Comforts: jacuzzis, massages, steam rooms, gardens, pizza, cooking

Biggest turn ons: humility, intelligence, body hair, hygiene, warm hands and touch

Favorite Upscale brands: Moët (dry), Ace of Spades, YSL, Balenciaga, Chanel

Gift ideas: alcohol, anything to cook with, non-fiction/ psychology books, perfume of your liking, scented candles, designer investments

Things I can go without: broccoli, celebrity culture, hours between 5am-9am, smoking (420 exception), convertibles, motor cycles and anything airborne, shoes and underwear, sleep and not sleeping